10-Year-Old Girl Astounds Judges With Powerfully Beautiful Voice

Emanne Beasha, 10, lives in North Port, Florida – and has a contagious personality that’s evident from the moment she walked onto America’s Got Talent’s stage.

When Emanne Beasha appeared on America’s Got Talent season 14, she expressed that she was feeling pretty nervous, but she put everything aside to deliver a jaw-dropping opera performance.
In addition to telling the judges about her father’s ice cream factory (lucky kid!), Emanne admitted she was nervous, and who wouldn’t be? Once Emanne opened her mouth to sing, all nerves seemed to disappear, and a voice that sounded like an angel suddenly emerged.

There was no doubt that the judges were captivated by Emanne as she auditioned for the show – a singer who brought back memories of a young Jackie Evancho from season 5. In spite of Jackie only placing second during the competition, she has had a very successful career since then. The song “Nessun Dorma” comes from the opera Turandot by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. In English the phrase translates to “None shall sleep,” and it has been covered by many different talented artists.

In spite of the fact that opera is a difficult genre of music to perform, Emanne shone like a star on stage. In one section, she reaches high notes so beautifully done that it sends the crowd to their feet. Her voice is incredibly powerful and could bring tears to your eyes – that’s why the judges seemed awestruck. Her performance earned her a standing ovation from the judges as well

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