13-Yr-Old Belts Out ‘Hallelujah,’ Gets Standing Ovation from Judges and Fans

The Voice has grown to be one of the most loved talent shows on television. It has spread into many countries, including Australia, Holland and even Germany. The most unique part of the show is perhaps the blind auditions. This video shows a clip from the British installment of The Voice Kids, and it is a little different from the rest. You have to see this amazing performance to believe it!

We all know that Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is one of the most recognized and loved songs of all time. Strangely enough, it wasn’t an instant success. It steadily rose to fame after Jeff Buckley released a cover of it. After that, thousands of covers of the song have been made by many aspiring artists, but the one shown in the following video certainly stands out from the rest.

Riccardo Atherton is only 13 years old, but he has the voice of an angel. He had come to audition for The Voice, and decided to perform the classic “Hallelujah”. As soon as he started singing, the judges were totally in awe. All three judges slammed the buzzer after hearing his amazing voice.

Riccardo was over the moon, and his family couldn’t hold it in! With a voice like that, he is sure to go far! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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