Alleluia began to play – and the skater brought all the spectators to tears

Many people don’t know how to skate, but Taryn Jurgensen can’t imagine her life without figure skating. Stepping onto the ice, she was impatiently waiting for the song to start playing. It turned out that she had prepared something magical.

People skated or similar devices on the surfaces of frozen rivers and lakes. But the “father of modern figure skating” – Jackson Haynes – made this sport only in the 1860s. He understood that skating should be more beautiful and meaningful.

The history of figure skating has been continuously developing, and in many countries of the world real professionals in this field have appeared. It’s safe to say that Taryn, being on the ice, feels at ease.

Every move she made, every jump and lean she made, everything had been rehearsed perhaps a few thousand times. Elegance, sharpness, smoothness and expressiveness of Tarina is something magical! Be sure to watch this video and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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