Hauntingly voiced teen stuns audiences with an Elvis classic

From the first notes of the piano everyone in the audience recognized the melody. It is Rafu Arto who is just a 16 years old boy, the song he has chosen to play is Elvis Presley’s famous hit “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The whole room was slowly filled with his incredible voice. He has got an incredible voice not like other teenagers. His performance radiates, strangely, the same strength as those of Elvis at the time.

Music is the love of his life. It means everything to him. He started the piano at only six years old. Everything he did or occupied himself with was connected with the music. He even spent his free time on it; he never got tired of it.

He also mentioned that he was interested in any other activities like boxing and football, although he admitted having had to relegate sport to the background to prepare for his participation in The Voice. It is a little bit complicated for him because he finds it really hard to play every week in front of millions of people, in the public and behind their television. When we see him on the stage we can never notice how nervous he is and the audience seems fascinated.

He admits that every time before going to the stage he is having a stage fight. He manages to hide his stress on the stage. If he continues to give such performances he is going to become a star in the future. At the end of the song, the audience stands up like one man and applauds him wildly. Her rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is winning over the world.

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