My monster Plenty of Fish date beat me so hard a TUMOUR formed behind my ear leaving me deaf

SINGLE mum Danielle wasn’t looking for love when she signed up to dating website, Plenty Of Fish.But the 31-year-old, from Tameside, Greater Manchester, was quickly wooed by handsome Ryan Fletcher, 38.Danielle met Fletcher on dating website Plenty Of Fish. The relationship started well but he later became controlling and violentCredit: MedaviaThings seemed great… at first. But less than a year into their romance, Fletcher became possessive and controlling.

He then turned violent, attacking her so brutally after a night out he triggered a medical condition, which caused a huge tumour to erupt behind her ear.It affected Danielle’s hearing so badly, more than two years on, she is still partially deaf.Here, Danielle bravely shares her story with Fabulous Digital.Fletcher beat Danielle so viciously she developed a tumour behind her earCredit: MedaviaI hadn’t dated anyone since having my daughter, now six, and wasn’t willing to jump head first into a relationship when I came across Ryan on Plenty Of Fish in June 2016.I’d been on the dating site for ages but, being a single mum, barely had time to use it. But, sat on the sofa one day, I was intrigued by Ryan’s profile.Tattooed, with dark-hair, I was immediately attracted him. And he had messaged me, saying, ‘Hey gorgeous, how are you?’Things quickly escalated. He dragged me home by my hair and savagely beat meDanielle31I typed back and over the next few weeks the messages flew back and forth.Around a month later we went on our first date to a pub in Manchester. We got on really well and increasingly saw each other more.We officially became a couple on Christmas Day that year, not living together but spending a lot of time together.After being beaten in April 2018, Danielle fled to her mum’s homeCredit: MedaviaI handed the recording to police and in February this year it was used as evidence during his trial at Manchester’s Minshull Street Court.There, following a trial where I gave evidence, Ryan, from Oldham, was found guilty of two counts of assault and one of threatening criminal damage and was jailed for three years and six months.But sadly I no longer trust men – and want to stay single forever. Ryan has done this to me.But there are positives from the situation. I hope to join the police to support women who have been victims of domestic abuse like me. I know just how strong and resilient they are.I’m still receiving treatment to preserve my hearing and the emotional scars run deep, but knowing my actions jailed that monster has given me the strength to carry on.A shocking new report found 10 per cent of domestic abuse victims are being forced to sleep rough after being refused emergency accommodation.This woman was battered on Valentine’s Day in a terrifying five-hour ordeal.Mum-of-one Devon Brown, 26, from Wigan endured months of controlling behaviour at the hands of her jealous ex.

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