Talented Woman with No Arms Sings and Plays Piano in Emotional Performance

Amazingly Talented Girl leaves the audience and judges in tears on Romania’s Got Talent as she plays piano and sings her heart out winning the golden buzzer!

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The name of this young and beautiful girl in the video is Lorelai Mosnegutu. She was born in Romania with some severe physical deformities. Because of her physical deformities her birth mother abandoned her and left , as you can see she never stopped. Lorelai proved she was a fighter.

In an unforgettable episode on March 10, Lorelai Mosnegutu made the judges and audience cry when she played the piano with her toes to accompany her own incredible rendition of “A Million Stars.”

To our great surprise we found out that Lorelai’s piano-and-vocal talents are only a small sample of what this remarkable 14-year-old child has accomplished. Born with no arms, she was immediately abandoned at birth by her mother. But she was really lucky that a social worker adopted her, she didn’t speak until she was 3 and didn’t even walk until she was 4. Now as you can see she not only plays the piano and the organ with her toes, but also paints and types. She’s even written several books.
So the next time you’re about to give up, remember the people who love you and who are important to you. They’ll still love you and care about you, even if you fail, but carrying their love with you might be all the inspiration you need to succeed

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