The moment Simon Cowell knew he had to hit the Golden Buzzer – young teen’s ‘star glow’ blows judges away”

Sara James, a young Polish immigrant, proved to be a natural-born star on the stage, leaving the four judges in awe of her incredible talent despite her tender age of thirteen. Her performance was met with a standing ovation and other accolades, leaving Simon Cowell so impressed that he awarded her with the ultimate prize of a golden buzzer.

This wasn’t the first time Sara had shone on reality shows, having previously won Season 4 of The Voice Kids in Poland and placed second in Junior Eurovision 2021. As the golden confetti rained down on her, Sara’s emotions were palpable, and Simon couldn’t help but share in her joy, hugging both Sara and her mother and shedding tears of his own.

It was a moment that Sara would never forget – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that showcased her incredible talent and star power. Check out her amazing performance below!

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