This Frenchman admitted that his parents don’t like his talent, but after a few seconds, he brought the whole audience to his feet.

Magic is becoming a lost art with the passage of time. With new technology and gadgets, it’s harder to impress an audience now than it was a few decades ago!
That’s why these talented French twins decided to use technology to their own advantage in a state-of-the-art performance, and let’s face it, it was quite the hit! At first, one of the twins, Tony, took the stage, and after introducing himself, he explained that his ambition for magic wasn’t exactly what any parent hoped for their son’s future.

But with a big smile on his face, Tony said, “However, today I want to show everyone, and especially my parents, that I can become a magician!” From that moment on, the two brothers, Jordan and Tony, put on a magic show that left the judges and everyone in attendance completely amazed. Using a series of tricks and using the screen, the brothers did things never seen before. As soon as the performance was over, the audience and the judges erupted in applause. We are not going to reveal more of their amazing magic trick, but the following video is highly recommended to understand what these brothers are capable of, it is not wasted!

What do you think of this new way of doing magic? I’m sure their parents, after seeing this, are proud of them. It is clear that these twins are the future of the new generations of magicians!


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