This Man’s Shocking Audition Made the Judges Lose Their Mind

Sometimes, it gets so difficult to watch auditions in Britain’s Got Talent due to various scary to cringe-worthy reasons. Here’s one that is over the top nerve-wracking but also fascinating because of the man’s talent.

Alex Magala’s talent for his audition was, of all things, sword-swallowing. If you’ve ever studied it, you know the trick is to open your throat and keep it in a straight line, which is exactly what Alex did.

But then he starts doing movements like bending over and pole dancing, all seeming to defy the “keep it in a straight line” part of the trick. Everyone is wondering, how can he not be getting injured?

Before he starts, Simon’s first question to Alex, “Is it going to be dangerous?” And , replies, “Yes” and that he’s basically risking his life on stage. The entertaining nightmare begins. Words can’t explain the whole scene when he gets on the pole. I hope you enjoy the act. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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