With a 1979 radio classic, twins turn chairs on ‘The Voice.’

Twins on The Voice UK persuade Olly Murs to share an emotional story from his past. Katie and Aoife are non-identical twins aged 16 from a small village in County Meath, Ireland.

They sang ABBA’s ‘Chiquitita’ during their performance. Katie claims that they are such good friends that she sometimes forgets they are twins. They’ve been singing together since they were four.

Their father is a musician who is very proud of them. Katie and Aoife couldn’t believe they were on The Voice, performing in front of legends like Tom Jones.

They display their magnificent and angelic voices as they sing. During their performance, Meghan Trainor is the only one who turns her chair. Olly Murs and Tom Jones both apologized for not pushing their buttons.

During their conversation, Olly reveals that he has a twin. Olly opens up to the judges, who don’t know he has a twin, after Katie and Aoife go backstage to hug their parents.

He hasn’t seen his brother in ten years because they fought after Olly failed to attend his wedding. Olly was on X-Factor but was unable to compete. As Olly becomes more emotional, the judges gather around him.

Olly is comforted by Tom Jones, who treats him like a son. They exchange hugs before returning to their seats. Olly is still in tears after discussing the extraordinary bond that twins share.

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